Karen Collins- Artist and creator of Art

Series of 6 Bovine Beauties-Paintings on Canvas Displayed at BFF Grilled Emerging Artist, Karen Collins was born and bred in Brisbane. She has also lived in London, Sydney and Melbourne.

Being a keen traveller, she has collected many images in her head, and camera, from all over the world. These provide Karen with an almost unlimited supply of inspiration with which to create her oil paintings.

Karen’s first major exhibition “Journey to Europe” was held last year with fellow artists Catherine Marsh and Grazia Carrara where guests were invited to “come on a journey with us” through the artworks. Having cycled through the Loire region of France she decided to paint a series of cows and named them after famous artists. Who would have thought they would end up in a burger joint in Bulimba! Karen works as a freelance web design and graphic designer and also runs ART ST, an online gallery http://www.artst.com.au that helps to promote Brisbane’s Emerging Artists.

Karen finds inspiration in travelling, nature and exploring Australia’s wonderful national parks and beaches. She also has a love of animals which she often feels compelled to include in her art.

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