Collaborative Art Montage


Remember these types of amazing images?

Like the enigmatic Mona Lisa pictured, a mystery image of Bulimba has been created which will remain a secret until the image is fully assembled during the festival week!

You can be part of this giant community artwork- It’s easy and fun!
NO artistic talent required! It’s as simple as colouring between the lines!
The image has been divided into 49 A3 sized pixels – Each person participating will be randomly allocated a pixel. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and decide how you want to colour your allocated pixel ……..felt-tips, paint, coloured pencils, collage, fabric, mosaics, pastels …anything!!

If you would like to complete a pixel please follow these simple steps!

Email David at with the following information
i. -Your name
ii. -Organisation (school etc) – this is optional
iii. -Telephone number
iv. -Email address (if you don’t have an email address provide your postal address – we can print and send the images to you)
You will receive by email confirmation of the pixel that you have chosen and where it fits on
You will receive an A3 Pdf file of your pixel in very light grey scale. This is the image we need you to reproduce.
You will receive an A4 Pdf file in full colour to show what the target pixel actually looks like.
It is your task to recreate the A4 image scaled up to A3 size using whatever media and even colours you like. A bit like colouring between the lines!
When you have completed the image please deliver the picture to

Morningside Ward Office

Ground floor
63 Oxford Street
Bulimba Qld 4171

Remember this is a collaborative event, we need your picture to complete this community piece. If you apply for a pixel please complete it and return to us by 3rd November 2015. Thank you.