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Manu – the Chalk Guy

Manu “The Chalk Guy” has been creating chalk art for The Burrow in West End for over 3 years. He refreshes a large blackboard, live, every 2nd Saturday. Other venues that Manu has chalked include Emjays in the CBD, Grindhouse in Stones Corner & Sugo Mi in Bulimba. Manu works with a “live for the moment” approach & embraces the mandala-like quality in the temporary nature of his chalk art. You can catch some of his work which will be on display for the Bulimba Festival at Sugo Mi & Panchos in Bulimba. m 0449 549 244

Major Art Event- Vivo Coffee Door Slam

The ‘Vivo Coffee Door Slam’ is unique to the Bulimba Festival and enables the celebration of local artists in a vibrant and very public way. The concept is to have local businesses contribute a ‘door to be painted’ by a local street artist in the ‘door slam’ event. During the Lunch on the Lawn (Sunday 15 Nov), from 11am till 2pm the doors will be painted in front of a live audience, whereby festival goers will see ‘live street art’ being produced, and then have the opportunity to see the door completed when it is reinstalled in the local Bulimba business and/or homes! Curated by Owen from Bench Espresso Gallery and Sponsored by the awesome Vivo Coffee!

Lani’s Art:

My name is Alana Bosgra (or Lani) and I am 21 years old. I use art to decipher my internal world of thoughts and feelings and describe my art as leaning towards some kind of “lazy cartoon surrealism.” I generally use prismacolor pencils and black biro. My main interest lies in the link between art and mental health and how helpful it is to communicate through artwork. My rules for my art practice: don’t think TOO hard, no mistake is too final, and a sense of humour is important.

Display at Panchos

Karen Collins- Artist and creator of Art

Series of 6 Bovine Beauties-Paintings on Canvas Displayed at BFF Grilled Emerging Artist, Karen Collins was born and bred in Brisbane. She has also lived in London, Sydney and Melbourne.

Being a keen traveller, she has collected many images in her head, and camera, from all over the world. These provide Karen with an almost unlimited supply of inspiration with which to create her oil paintings.

Karen’s first major exhibition “Journey to Europe” was held last year with fellow artists Catherine Marsh and Grazia Carrara where guests were invited to “come on a journey with us” through the artworks. Having cycled through the Loire region of France she decided to paint a series of cows and named them after famous artists. Who would have thought they would end up in a burger joint in Bulimba! Karen works as a freelance web design and graphic designer and also runs ART ST, an online gallery that helps to promote Brisbane’s Emerging Artists.

Karen finds inspiration in travelling, nature and exploring Australia’s wonderful national parks and beaches. She also has a love of animals which she often feels compelled to include in her art.

Julie Cane Fine Art

Julie is an emerging Bulimba artist, whose highly skilled paintings are very sought after. She is best known for her highly detailed still life paintings in oil, which have won a number of prestigious local awards. Julie also paints landscapes and other subjects that reflect her world. Her watercolours range from detailed botanical art to loose and moody landscapes. Julie has exhibited widely and her pictures are held in collections both here and in England.

Julie looks forward to warmly welcoming you to her studio during the Bulimba Festival week, and hopes you will come, have a chat and see the many works she will have on display. Paintings, prints and greetings cards will be available to purchase. More images and information can be found on her website or by calling Julie on 0403801083.

David Saltwell- Creator of Bulimba Community Monatge

An image relevant to Bulimba is chosen. This is divided up into a number of pixels. Community members can request a “pixel” which they will have to replicate and enlarge to a specified size. Any media can be used. The completed pieces of artwork can then be put together in a montage to reveal the chosen topic. The topic is kept secret from participants and community until it is identifiable as it is completed.

Chairs by Mike Epworth

They are very much Bulimba Chairs; being made 750 meters from the beginning of Oxford St from debris salvaged out of the skips of several renovations in the area. The decoupaged newspaper was folded up in a book bought from an Oxford St Book Shop, a salutary reminder of the potential of being a city by a river.

I am a chairmaker/bodger of 35 years, I lecture part time at Griffith University QCA in Design and am also completing a doctorate there. My family has maintained a tradition of vernacular Australian furniture making for eight generations. This started with the convict Anthony Rope who made a crib for his daughter in the days after the arrival of the First Fleet.

The chair’s design and making are based on the chair and work practices of Jimmy Possum a mysterious chair maker/bodger who lived and worked n a hollowed out tree in the wild forest near Deloraine Tasmania sometime between 1890 and 1910. Possum could have been an ex convict or had Aboriginal heritage, there is no record of him except the chairs found in major collections such as NGA. His chairs combine many woodworking techniques used by Indigenous people; if he was Indigenous and he married these skills to the ancient European crafts of chairmanning and bodging his chairs represent a distinct, fused Australian aesthetic that needs to be celebrated.

Links below to an old film about bodgers and a picture of the NGA Jimmy Possum.

Caroline Penny

Open Studio. 59 Jamieson Street, Bulimba Open Daily10 am – 1 pm. 9th to 14th November.

This will be the first time I have opened my working Studio to the Public. An opportunity to enjoy colourful, vibrant Oil Paintings, and also a chance to see me working at my easel. Works include local scenes of everyday life around Bulimba and Stradbroke Island , some interiors and well as other familiar Landscapes. Come and enjoy and pick up a bargain. 10% off all paintings on view for the Bulimba Festival Week.

Brisbane Bells Group

Ensemble of 12 musicians playing hand bells in St John’s Babtist Church on Wednesday 11th November 7-8.30pm

Blu Art Xinja

Brisbane Street Artist, Blu Art Xinja likes to create quirky and beautiful artworks that enhance our public living spaces. He wishes to make the idea of street art accessible and accepted by everyone. Each piece is hand carved from wood and painted in his signature blue, making his style unique and instantly recognizable, Blu’s art is given with generosity for all to delight in.

Blu has created the piece pictured below specifically to celebrate the beautiful Memorial Park trees and the Magpie Lark. Look out for it somewhere in Bulimba…Surprise!